Information and Communication Technology Development

ICTThe Institute for Electronic Business develop and implement industrial ICT systems, intended to support business processes, online services and productiong and distribution of all types of digital content.
The idea we are guided by is that the flow of business processes must be continuous, connected throughout the organization and maximally automated - in order for the company`s resources to be used optimally.

Our portfolio includes system design, project management and ICT development using Microsoft technologies (.NET / MS SQL) but also open source technologies (Javascript, php, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL ...) for optimal system development or integration new solutions into existing systems. The systems we have developed for our users include payment / billing processes, information management, file classification, and the distribution of data while connecting users to interactive interest networks in accordance with Web 2.0 concepts.

One of the first innovative projects in the development of which we participated was Trillenium 3D, the world's first online3D web shopping center.

Webshop for the Ice Hockey Club MEDVEŠČAK Zagreb is one of the first online stores we created for our clients as well as the shop and website for the basketball club CEDEVITA and ABA-League. Web-development for clients like Pan-Pek and support for systems like Adria Media (multimedia and marketing microsites Story - Davidoff Champion, Nivea Freeze, etc.) and creation, hosting, maintenance and support of sites such as MISS Croatia for Miss World, design studio Iva Babaja or illustrator Stjepan Lukić, PARTUM insurance or webshops like Šešir Kobali, Apnea-Arbanas diving equipment or Sailing BaRé Hvar sailing boats and media projects such as the Zagreb Security Forum or the National Security and the Future magazine are part of our daily business.

In addition to various multimedia mobile applications such as JuhuHu Patka Matilda, Bojanka Danica i Danica Memory for Croatian Radio and Television, we have also developed mobile applications for companies such as, but also some free applications in our own production.

Android Phone Info

Our currently most used app, allows you to view basic information about your Android phone. It is easy to use and does not require prior technical knowledge. If you need the IMEI number of your device, information about the base station to which you are currently connected or similar information, use the free Android Phone Info application.
You can find it in the Market in the "Tools" section.

Our references cover a wide range of IT and multimedia projects that we have carried out for various clients and partners. See some of the more important ones below, and feel free to contact us for more details.


2020-05 Eniva-M4
2020-04 proizvod
2020-03 Pan-Pek upgrade
2020-03 Creatio
2020-01 Sailing BaRe 2020
2020-01 Sailing BaRe 2020 shop
2019-12 Održ
2019-10 PartumHR
2018-04 StjepanLukić
2018-04 StjepanLukić galerija
2018-01 MZOS upitnik
2018-01 MZOS upitnik rezult
2016-09 mladi
2016-09 igrači
2016-09 galerija
2016-07 Pan-Pek
2016-07 Pan-Pek proizvodi
2016-03 prijava škode
2016-02 HTV Juhuhu Danica - bojanka1
2016-02 HTV Juhuhu Danica - bojanka2
2016-02 HTV Juhuhu Danica - bojanka3
2016-01 HTV Juhuhu Patka Matilda - memory1
2016-01 HTV Juhuhu Patka Matilda - memory2
2016-01 HTV Juhuhu Danica - memory1
2016-01 HTV Juhuhu Danica - memory2
2016-01 Dubrovnik 3D
2015-08 booking
2015-05 Augmented Reality Android
2014-11 HighTechVets - web-artikli
2014-11 HighTechVets - web statistika - MAPA_KARTA dijagnoza-zahvata-lijekova - vet_jedinica
2014-11 HighTechVets - karton životinje - zahvati 2
2014-11 HighTechVets - karton - lista zahvata-dijagnoza-lijekova
2014-11 HighTechVets - ispis računa
2014-05 BannerReport-Admin
2014-05 BannerReport
2014-02 shop
2013-12 EpsonHR - ispis
2013-09 Cvrčak Večernji list
2013-09 Cvrčak 24sata
2013-08 EpsonHR - Atlas ptica
2013-07 Č
2013-07 Čuvalica - oglas
2013-07 Čuvalica - lista
2013-07 Čuvalica - Report Oglasa
2013-07 Čuvalica - Predaja Oglasa
2013-05 Stagefox shop
2013-04 vkHvar
2013-04 shop KKcedevita
2013-03 DragNDrop Game
2013-02 EpsonHR - ManchesterUnited-RealMadrid
2013-01 AdriaMedia Nivea Freezeraj se
2013-01 AdriaMedia Klik Music Hero - demosongs
2013-01 AdriaMedia Ariel
2012-12 Sailing-Europe
2012-12 KHL Medveščak prijava FB
2012-12 Boatbooker
2012-11 KHL Medveščak
2012-10 KK Cedevita
2012-09 KHL Medveščak prijava
2012-08 Cenacolo - musical Credo
2012-07 zajednica Cenacolo
2012-06 RedCat CoIP ins-Scandinavia
2012-05 nk Špansko
2012-01 LVI Luksuzne vile Istre
2012 - Travabled
2012-xx home
2011-11 izbori2011 - anketa
2011-11 izbori2011 - rezultat
2011-09 Učilica Markottel
2011-06 sadržaj
2011-02 shop KHL Medveščak product
2011-02 shop KHL Medveščak home
2011-02 shop KHL Medveščak admin productlist
2010-12 VecernjiList Android
2010-10 Cryptofonica
2010-09 Android Phone Info
2010-09 AdriaMedia Nivea Freezeraj se
2010-09 AdriaMedia Nivea Freezeraj se FB
2010-09 AdriaMedia Davidoff Champion
2010-09 AdriaMedia Ariel
2010-09 AdriaMedia anketa
2010-08 T-Rex - meteor
2010-08 Dinowaurs web
2010-08 Dynowaurs level12 izbor
2010-08 Dynowaurs
2010-07 ZetConnect Android
2010-07 Finger-and-Ring Android
2010-07 Finger-and-Ring Android
2010-07 AdriaMedia Klik Music Hero - demosongs
2010-07 AdriaMedia Klik Music Hero - demosongs FB
2010-06 Pan-Pek corporate web
2010-06 Pan-Pek corporate web
2010-06 Pan-Pek katalog 1
2010-06 Pan-Pek katalog 2
2010-06 Pan-Pek katalog 3
2010-06 Aukcije Android
2010-03 izbori app3
2009-03 Trillenium - 02 scena sa 1.3M poligona
2009-06 Trillenium - prikaz proizvoda
2009-01 Trillenium - 01 upravljanje likovima
2009-05 Trillenium - park
2009-01 home
2009-01 location
2009-01 predavači
2009-01 list
2009-01 izbori2011-rezultat
2009-01 izbori2011-anketa

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